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Updates on the Podcast Front

First off, thank you to everyone who's been keeping up with us on social media and either subscribed to the website or is following us on any app. We aren't able to do this without you all.

Second, blogging doesn't seem to be my thing, so this area of the website will more than likely turn into something different. Something new and improved where I'm not struggling to keep up with managing content and no one is bored by my silly posts.

You may have noticed a few design/logo changes. I get easily bored and thought it was time for a change. Hope you like it. Take a look around and let us know what you think :)

Season 2 is starting on September 4th and we're excited for some changes that we've made. Just to name a few:

~Brice has started the Discord Server for any and all true crime lovers to find a place to come and discuss not only our cases, but also other cases and crimes, that you all find interesting. We want this to be a safe zone, so please make sure you follow the rules. But, we also want this to be bigger than the What Happens in the Woods podcast alone. We hope you join us on the Discord Server on September 4, 2020 at 8:00 PM for our first chat. Find the link on the Home Page to get started.

~There have been growing concerns that True Crime podcasts are tone deaf to victims of crimes and their families. We want to change that on our podcast. While learning why a person becomes a serial killer or rapist is fascinating and helps authorities profile potential suspects in cases, the retelling of the criminal's story often leaves out the victims. So, we want to invite anyone with a story to be shared, either a survivor or their loved ones, to contact us so we can help change the narrative.

Contact us through the website or at

~We're in the process of getting our episodes transcribed so that persons with hearing impairment are able to enjoy our episodes as well. We want to be as accessible as possible to any and everyone who wants to join in on the fun. This blog spot will become that place. Have no fear; I will still have some other updates every so often with books or shows if you liked those.

~We love merch from our fave shows and we know you do too. So, we decided to jump on that

bandwagon and get a couple things together. Stay tuned for updates on that.

~Last but not least! We hit 2500 total downloads during our WTF Wednesday series. We're excited to be kicking off our second season with a $50 Amazon gift card giveaway. Stay up to

date on that by following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Links for all can be found on the home page on the left side. Rules will be listed when we post the official announcement.

As always, we are so happy to share this journey with you. Please remember to like and review us where ever you listen to our podcast. We want to hear what we're doing well and let us know what you think we could change.

Now, let's get back to the what the fuckeries, shall we?

Take care,

Brice & Jess

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