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We're Celebrating!

Brice and I are so thankful for every little bit of support we've gotten over the past few months. When we released our first episode out into the wild world of podcasting back in February of this year, we didn't know what we would get back. Would people listen (who weren't related to us)? Would my voice sound annoying (probably more my concern than his)? Would we be relevant?

All of those things are still concerns, however the fact remains, we have grown a little following and our listeners continue to show us support. All of the interaction on social media and the messages make us forget about the worry and the doubt. We know we aren't up everyone's alley but finding our audience and making a community is what keeps us going.

I won't lie, I constantly compare what we do to a lot of other podcasts out there, the growing number of YouTube true crime channels and blogs that delve into this genre. I wonder if we're getting it right and why our download numbers aren't as high as others who have been in the game for as long as we have, or why we don't have as many followers on social media, and even why the rates and reviews aren't coming in huge waves. I start to think we've missed the mark somehow.

But what I remind myself of when the doubt starts up is that WE aren't what's important here. The victims and their families are. This podcast isn't about us getting publicity or recognition. This is about the story telling. This is about the victims of crimes. This is about the forgotten cases that can still be solved. This is about community and finding answers. It's about the listeners being invested in the story. It's also about cautionary tales of how a criminal can always be caught.

We will continue to do what we're doing, hopefully for the better, until we just can't do it anymore. If we only ever have 300 followers on Facebook or a million, the goal is still the same.

So from both of us to you, our listeners, Thank you! There is a lot that goes into producing this podcast and it's just the two of us involved. Juggling full time jobs and family life leaves little time for much else. I would love to produce an episode a week, and maybe at some point we can. We are still planning more; more for the website, more for the blog and more for the podcast.

All in good time my friends, all in good time.

We love and appreciate that there are so many people, from all over the world, who are interested in what we're doing and want us to continue. Without you, we wouldn't be here. Cheers to another 5,000 downloads!

As we go into the Thanksgiving season here in American next week, this is truly a time of thankfulness for me and Brice. We wish you all joy and peace with your loved ones, no matter where you are in the world.

From our family to yours...

Be kind to one another and STAY OUT OF THE DAMN WOODS!

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