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Inside the Motive

Sometimes I wonder if I watch too many true crime related shows and movies. But really, is that possible? Who doesn't love a good mystery? The thrill of figuring out who done it or the moment when all is revealed; it is incredibly satisfying . But what if you start by knowing who did it and what happened, only you don't know why? Is it just as satisfying to figure out that part of the equation?

For me it is. That 's one of the reasons I love to read true crime or mystery stories. Sometimes you can get a glimpse of insider information that otherwise would be lost to you. No matter how great an actor is, inside thoughts aren't easy to portray. They have to be spoken. But not in books. Books give you the extra knowledge and the look inside the mind of the characters that would be extremely helpful in real life, right? If only it was that easy! But looking at motive to help explain why people commit crimes is exactly what interests me the most. It is also why I love true crime and history. Finding out what motivates people to do things and learning from that, so history isn't repeated, is about the most satisfying reason I can think of for discussing serial killers or mysterious crimes.

So what have I been into lately?

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The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez aired on Netflix on February 26th and it has created such a stir. Many people can't stand to watch it, knowing that a young child was abused so badly. I won't lie, it was very rough to get through. But in the end I felt it important to take in the entire story. I can't imagine what this poor boy had to endure in his very short life. And I ask myself, what was the motive here? Why would anyone do this to a child? Unfortunately, those questions go unanswered in this case. I still can't help but to speculate.

At one point, I was done and couldn't listen to any more. But then I thought, that's the issue isn't it? We don't want to hear things that make us uncomfortable and it makes it easier brush aside the unpleasantness of life to be dealt with another day. I knew I needed to finish the series. These stories serve to remind us that often times, there isn't another day to be had and brings home the message, "What can I do to help?"

If you think you can get through watching this, it is worth it.

On a lighter note...

I was recently reminded of a movie that I was obsessed with when it came out in 1998 . Practical Magic, based on the 1995 book by Alice Hoffman, was. my. LIFE. I wanted to move to New England and start making my own witchy hair and body care products and dance naked in my large garden under the full moon. Thank God I was a mother and about to become a wife or I may have done it.

Some how, up until about a month ago, I had not realized the movie was based on a book. Or better yet, that there were TWO books in the series. I just knew that Sally and Gillian Owens and the aunts were the family I wish I was apart of. And the fact that Stevie Nicks songs were played through out the movie was just a bonus.

Now, I am reading through both books and I am so happy that I am. If you are a lover of mystical things and family sagas, you will love them too. After you read them, throw on that long flowing skirt you saved from 1996 and make a batch of midnight margaritas so you can enjoy the movie too.

We would love to hear what you all have been into (or obsessed with) too. Drop me a comment or tag us on any of the social media if you've got the lowdown on a good story we should know about.

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