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We're just your average couple, living normal lives, who happen to be obsessed with everything related to true crime. Shortly after relocating to the great Pacific Northwest, we realized there were stories upon gruesome stories to be told from this region. And we want nothing more than to share them with you.

So come join us every first and third Friday of the month as we take a deep look into the dark and twisted. It isn't for the feint of heart, but we promise it will be worth it.

And remember...what happens in the woods, stays in the woods.

Camp Fire

Gather 'Round the  Campfire

Linda Sweezer; her glorious life and her puzzling death

Join us this episode for a small town case that was solved with the help of  the latest technology in personal surveillance cameras. 

When the body of a woman was found on a rural road partially burned in the early morning of October 24, 2017, Pierce County Sheriff’s didn’t have much to go on to catch her killer, not even her identity. Thankfully, luck and technology was on their side. Little by little, pieces of video evidence would show a trail that the killer was leaving unknowingly on home security and business cameras wherever he went. 

After the identity of Linda Sweezer was established as their victim, more questions were left unanswered than not. Who would do this to such a kind woman? What could the motive possibly be? And how did her body end up so far from her home in Kent, Washington?

This week’s case is incredibly sad as we discuss the senseless murder of a local woman who’s life centered around giving back to her community and family. 

In Linda’s honor, please consider going out into your community to support your local Juneteenth Celebrations. If you live in the Kent, Washington area, there is a link below to information on the memorial celebration held in Linda Sweezer’s honor at Morrill Meadows Park. 


Some information from this episode:

Murder victim found near Lake Tapps:


Suspect arrested in murder of Linda Sweezer:


A grieving community mourns Linda’s passing:


Lance Rougeau charged with 1st Degree Murder:


First Court Appearance:


The Verdict:


The Sentencing:


Linda Sweezer Memorial Juneteenth Celebration:


Referenced but not mentioned*

Investigation Discovery: See No Evil, Season 7 Episode 4- Headlights and Fire